Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Appreciating Scotland's Whisky Distilleries from the comfort of the Train.

Yesterday morning I was on the train between Inverurie & Inverness, it was a lovely clear day with the winter sun appearing to warm the now, purple skeletal twigs and illuminating the slender, silver trunks of the birches.  I look forward to the lovely curved sweep on the line where, at Boat O'Brig close to Diageo's modern Achroisk Distillery, we cross the majestic Spey.  Beautiful Strathspey - where the majority of classic malt whiskies are produced.

Even yesterday morning, on my journey from the East, I passed several 'installations' involved in the production of the golden elixir appreciated worldwide & a major contributor to the Scottish economy.  First at Kennethmont just north of Insch, right by the line, is Ardmore Distillery producing whisky for the Teachers blend.  Then at Keith we arrived at the home of Strathisla - founded in 1786, thus one of our oldest and most picturesque distilleries http://www.maltwhiskydistilleries.com/LinkClick.aspx?link=74&tabid=65 here By the railway line here there many hanger-like whisky bonded warehouses where there will be stored thousands of casks holding gallons and gallons of the maturing spirit.  Whilst waiting in the wings at their Keith yard are many Chivas Regal tanker lorries, ready to transport bulk whisky to bottling plants, situated mainly in Scotland's central belt.  West of Keith we then passed Chivas' Glentaucher Distillery, getting ever closer to Boat O'Brig ~ where road and rail bridges run parallel across my beloved River Spey!

Dave C.

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