Thursday, 27 October 2011

Appreciating the beauty of North Scotland by Train.

Travelling by train to Aberdeen via Inverness.  Strathspey is stunningly beautiful this fine late October day.  The Grampians or Monadh Rhuadh (the red mountains), now more commonly referred to as The Cairngorms are radiant, kissed by the autumn sun.  Loch Irish reflects the deep blue of the clear sky - also a rich blue with only a few light brushstrokes of feathery white cloud.  Rail is such a lovely way to travel.  I must try to go by train more often.

Now passing the Tomatin Distillery with its many concrete-walled bonded warehouses - rather less attractive than the traditional buildings of many other distilleries.  Nonetheless, these hanger-like-sheds are constructed and functional for the purposes of storing hundreds of casks, containing many thousands of gallons of maturing whisky.  One Spanish sherry butt is likely to be worth over £500.

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